Our International teacher recruitment process acts as a cultural transition for teachers and it is much more advanced than the American school teacher hiring procedure.

Additionally, we also offer Advanced degrees to educators in the U.S.

Our team of individuals place highly talented, fully certified, qualified in critical areas (Science, Mathematics, and Special Education), and skilled teachers who hold advance degrees from the top universities in their content area(s) to teach in American schools/districts. We ensure that teachers perform duties and responsibilities to their best abilities and to provide quality education to increase student achievement. We review resumes, select the right candidate, and conduct interviews for placement. We assist in completing all the required paperwork, support, training, and professional development from start to finish.

We provide highly qualified and certified educators to U.S. public schools in varies critical areas. Our teachers come from different countries with rich and extensive teaching experience to contribute their expertise to the education system. Apart from connecting to schools with competent and knowledgeable professionals, we also offer professional consulting and training services in classroom management, cultural transition, teaching skills, diversity training, and parent-teacher interaction.

In addition, we provide intensive training to each teacher to live and work in the United States to ensure they have a better understanding of American culture and different teaching strategies. The distinctive content knowledge and diversity they bring to the classroom are easily transitioned to the benefit of the students. Our teachers have the ability and to impart quality and critical thinking skills to our students to prepare them to face the competitive world and become productive and contributing citizens.

Interested to become an international teacher? Apply TODAY

Complete the visa application Form DS-160.

Pay the visa application fee. Country-specific details are available here.


Student Admission

During our student admission process, we also have Parent-teacher interaction consulting sessions as a way to understand their children better.

Enskies team is to help students achieve their academic goals by pursuing higher education in American colleges and Universities. We assist high school students that are interested in studying abroad and to select the best college/university and their area of interest. We assist students with filling the related paperwork and the specific exams required by the college/university. We also provide students with information and training for easy transition and get accustomed to different culture. Students can contact us for any additional information required.

We help build the foundation of these skills by linking qualified teachers from around the globe with schools across the U.S. that recognize the importance of a global team.

United States of America offers a wide range of higher education options. Though as a student, you are not sure of what you want to pursue, there is a vast learning opportunity and the program that’s just the right fit for you. Moving to United States to pursue higher education could be nerve wrecking and cultural shock. To get started and select the area of interest could be the most difficult step Students are expected to take the English exam either TOEFL or IELTS depending on the college/university as a part of the admission requirement for higher education. Students are also to get their certificates evaluated with approved educational evaluation agencies. Some of the agencies are listed on the website. Enskies is here to help students make the right decision through educational counseling and provide information related to colleges/universities.



Tours and travel

Our team individuals will escort the students to educational places like NASA receive unique, rich, and memorable experience. No matter where you take the students, they will experience new culture and develop a sense of independence. If the parent is interested in accompanying their child, additional cost will incur. We assist students throughout the process from start to finish. The cost will include flight tickets, transfers, sight-seeing, hotel, and food. Any additional luxuries will be the responsibility of the student.

Enskies ensure the tours are customized to fit the educational needs of the institution and the specific interest of the students. All related information will be provided to the institution to plan to receive international experience. We offer different tourist spots based on the interest of the group. Please feel free to email us for the quotes as we strive to provide the best fun filled experience.

Approved U.S. agency for certificate evaluation for college/university admission and teacher recruitment: